Production Time

We do not recommend you purchasing LED Holiday Lights in stock, because they are electronic and PVC, and these materials will age differently due to climate and time. In order to ensure that you can safely use our products and guarantee the quality of the products, we will produce them when we receive your order, every product you get is brand new, we will arrange different delivery times according to different order quantity:

                 Order Quality                 Production Time
                    1-10 PCS                       3 - 5 days
                    11-50 PCS                       6 - 10 days
                    51-100 PCS                       11 - 15 days
                    101-500 PCS                       16 - 20 days
                    500-1000 PCS                       21 - 30 days


If you are a big order, please contact us: info@holidaylightsstore.com

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